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Imagebygwen created the “Build a Winning Wardrobe Club” for everyone of you who are ready to put yourself on your to-do list and find out the “how” to solutions to build a smart, healthy wardrobe.

This is an entry-level membership, which is a great way to have ongoing access to Gwen and her teachings at a very affordable rate – just $24.95 a year. A one   time charge that’s equals the cost of a cup of coffee a month!

Your membership includes:
• 15 minute complimentary Skype or telephone consultation
• 10% discount on products, courses and services
• VIP passes to LIVE events
• 10% discount on LIVE event tickets

I understand for that low investment I’ll enjoy discounts on products and services. I’ll also receive a 15-minute complimentary Skype or telephone consultation with you. I’ll learn the “how” to solutions and industry best practices designed to help me build a winning wardrobe. In addition, with the purchase of a discounted ticket to a live event I’ll receive VIP passes at no charge. Don’t wait- get started now!

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